Sunday, 28 August 2011

In the Brides Eyes....

My name is Krysta Simoes, formerly Pouliot. I am the lucky lady who married the man of her dreams only two days ago. Right now I should be packing, and planning and getting exceptionally excited for my and my wonderful new husband Andy’s Honeymoon to the Mayan Riviera. Instead, all I can think about is how to thank the one exceptional woman who has given new meaning to my wedding. I sit and think of the proper words to send to her so that she can know exactly how I am feeling; alternatively I continue to send small messages that could have been written by a ten year old. I am giddy, nostalgic, overjoyed and most of all thankful.  A floodgate of emotions opens up each time I look through the album that started with just one photograph. From the moment I saw the first picture of my wedding the butterflies have yet to leave my stomach.  How incredibly wonderful that I get to relive each and every moment of the best day of my life every time I sign into Facebook, with a new photograph posted each time.  Most brides sit anxiously waiting for the day when the photographer calls them and says their pictures are ready; how did I get so lucky?
            Let me start from the beginning.  I became the happiest girl in the world on September 7th, 2010 when my, then, boyfriend got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. Coincidentally, we were having professional photos and video done while this was happening. The video came back and took my breath away. I watched it over fifty times and could not wait to have the memory of our wedding captured.  After some conflict and personality differences, this company decided that we should look elsewhere for photography.  I was heartbroken and did not care if someone brought a Canon point and shoot to have “evidence” of our day.  Photography became last on my priority list and I eagerly started booking other components to our day.  My mom sat down with me and showed me photographs of other weddings and tried to get me excited.  I brushed her off and said “yeah I’m glad you like it, but it isn’t for me”.  My mom decided that if I couldn’t get interested in photography, then she would have the fun on her own.  This is when she contacted Wendy Lewicky, of Wendy Alana Photography.  The two of them decided that all of us should meet and have coffee.  Wendy brought along her portfolio of different photo-shoots, and showed examples of her creativity. She quickly told me that she was not ready to shoot a wedding on her own and that she did not want to be solely responsible for the memories of someone’s special day. 
Wendy and I related on more than one level.  I felt like she was someone who should have been my friend many years ago.  We had coffee, we had wine, we laughed and we cried.  This woman was more than someone on the other end of the phone, more than a reply to an e-mail. She was real.  She had her own stories to share. She had her own joys, her own pain and a colourful life of her own.  I was excited again.  I had to have her.  So I booked another photographer to shoot with, and Wendy was excited that she would be able to share her style through candid shots.
My day finally came on August 26th, 2011. Wendy showed up promptly just before 9:30am and was eager to start shooting. Wendy handled herself with elegance and professionalism.  She seemed as if she had been in wedding photography for decades.  Her excitement with each picture taken got me going. It didn’t feel like “my” day until the moment she showed me the first picture.  I was now the beautiful bride that everyone always talks about.   My one ambition for the day was to honour my sister Shannon, my best friend, who I tragically lost to cancer in 2002.  I wanted my sister in every memory.   Wendy gave me that gift.  She recognized the importance of this, and without hesitation she incorporated Shannon more than I ever dreamed possible.   I wrote in my speech “And now I have to stand up here without the one person that I could have guaranteed would be getting me through this day”. Thinking back now, there was no part of my day that I had to go through without Shannon right with me; Wendy ensured this.  So from the bottom of my heart, Wendy, thank you.  You have given me a gift greater than you can ever understand.
Our day ran smoother than I could have ever asked for.  Our photographers worked in unison to sum up every moment of our day.  Now that the wedding is finished, I should be left with a feeling of sadness, for everything we had planned and had been excited for was over. Instead, my husband and I are in awe; our recollections of our beautiful wedding are encapsulated forever in a time machine.  We could not be happier and we owe so much more than a thank you to the girl who made our wedding forever.

Much Love,

Have a look at Wendy's site so you can see what I see in her.  Continue with the phenominal art Wendy, and thank you once again.

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